Guitar night was originally started  in the sixties and seventies at Dontes,  the world famouse jazz club in North Hollywood. It was created by Jack Marshall the aranger, composer and producer at Capital records. It featured many of L.A.s  greatest guitarists including John.

It was this basic concept that John wanted to build on. A local restaraunt in Encino called Papashon gave him the oportunity to do that starting on September 23rd 1997.

Each month John mailed out cards detailing the  guitarists that would be featured on the Tuesday nights for the coming month.

The first featured guitarist was legendary Geoge Van Epps and bassist Luther Hues. The event was captured on video by film producer/director Alan Waite.

George Van Epps  1997

A Guitar Night compilation

Jim Fox  2017

Barry Zweig Ted Mayer  2017

Pat Kelly Frank Potenza  2017

Ron Eschete  2017

Bruce Forman  2017

John Chiodini  2017

Andy Brown  2017

Mitchel Long  2017

Thom Rotella  2017

Jamie Rosenn  2017

John Pisano Remembers 'Guitar Night'

Below are some of the magic moments from Guitar Night at were captured on video

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The First Guitar Night Flyer